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Prato CIRN Conference 2007


Monash Centre, Prato Italy, November 5-7 2007

The 4th and very successful community informatics conference was held at the Monash University Centre, Prato Italy, auspiced by the Centre for Community Networking Research, Monash, with the support of Turabo University Puerto Rico, the School of Information and Library Sciences, University of Illinois-Champlain, the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and the Swedish International Development Agency IT support program. In particular, support from the Swedes assisted with the attendance of delegates from Peru and Mozambique and delegates contributed towards the attendance of a number of other people.

Additionally, the 1st International Conference of the International Development Informatics Association was held within the conference, with a summary of the panel discussion

* The archive of papers can be found via the archive link
* For photos of people and food, see flickr

People from over 22 countries attended--ranging from Finland to New
Zealand, with a fair number from the Latin South, reflecting a desire to share their work in community informatics, and a desire to engage with people from outside the Americas. The conference also saw the launching of the International Development Informatics Association, which saw a fascinating and illuminating exchange of ideas from both developed and developing countries. The number of PhD students in attendance has also increased, adding to the usefulness of the conference as a place to exchange ideas, meet younger scholars and pratitioners, and network.

The 5th conference will be held Monday 27-Thursday 30 October 2008, with the first day reserved for intensive workshops and other activity. The conference theme and other information will be released shortly. (replace AT by @)